Ege Periton Kanseri ve Sıcak Kemoterapi Sempozyumu

Dear Colleagues,

Periton and Cancer Surgery Society and İstanbul Gastroenterology Surgery Society will be pleased to see you among us at the Aegean Peritoneal Cancer and Heated Chemotherapy Symposium which will be held at the Swiss Otel Izmir between June 22-23, 2018.

The aim of this symposium is to share current knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Peritonitis carcinomatosis. The surgical techniques, difficulties encountered during surgery, how to cope with complications and developments in nutrition will be discussed. In addition, the oncologic treatment options will be discussed with medical oncologists at the symposium.

The symposium will provide young surgeons with a national and international experience, and experienced surgeons will refresh their knowledge. At the same time, the symposium will create a common synergy for communication and collaboration between young and experienced surgeons.

We know that you will not leave our association established by our young colleagues who meet around an idealist core team like many important institutions in your first organization, as it is up to now and we hope to see you in the symposium for the continuation of your support from now on.

Best regards,

  Taylan O. Sezer
  Chairman of Symposium