Ege Periton Kanseri ve Sıcak Kemoterapi Sempozyumu

Only a poster will be accepted. The symposium will be notified of the notification sent via web page.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 1, 2018 .

Abstract Writing Rules

Abstracts must be written in accordance with the following evaluation criteria.

The manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font with a single line spacing, 12 fonts, with 2.5 cm space left, top, right and bottom on A4 paper.

The title, author (s), title (s), name and surname (s), institution and e-mail address to which you are affiliated should be included.

For multiple authorizations, the author's name should be underlined.

Abstracts should be written in Turkish or English, less than 200 words, not more than 300 words.

The Scientific Committee of the Symposium may decide to accept or reject the declaration.

Authors who submit abstracts are required to register with the symposium. Researchers who have received the declarations must make their registration by May 15, 2018.

A participant can participate in the Symposium with a maximum of three presentations.

Acceptance Criteria

3 Each paper will be evaluated by at least two separate consultants and advisers by 50 or more points out of 100 in the area Report will be considered in the symposium.

Notifications will be evaluated by the Symposium Science Committee on the following criteria:

If the abstract is a compilation or case presentation, the consultant will make an overall assessment based on the appropriate criteria.

The Scientific Committee of the Symposium will decide to accept or reject the declaration.

Studies involving expressions such as "The results will be presented at the Symposium" will not be accepted.

The results of the evaluations related to the declarations will be communicated to the host by e-mail.

Presentation of Abstracts

The poster size should be prepared to be 70 x 90 cm (maximum x length).

The top part of the poster should be separated into the title of the presentation, the authors and the addresses.

The size of the font used in the poster should be such that it can be read from two meters away.

It is the responsibility of the notification holder to post the morning posters on the symposium morning and to collect them at the end of the day. For abstract submission

Please e-mail us.